TRX17 won the competion with Donkeys in 2nd place and JBZ in 3rd
Teams played 15 challenges: 7 Fullpwn, 2 Web, 2 Pwn, 1 Reversing, 2 Crypto, 1 Forensic


Check teams page for more info on the teams



1st: 12 months Hack The Box VIP access + 5 Arduino MKR WiFi 1010
2nd: 6 months Hack The Box VIP access + 5 WHID Injector
3rd: 3 months Hack The Box VIP access

WHID Injector

An opensource, low cost, hacking tool for conducting HID Attacks and bypass AirGapped environments. A project by Luca Bongiorni

Hack The Box Pen-Testing Labs

Access to Hack The Box VIP plan

Arduino MKR WiFi 1010

The Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 it's equipped with an ESP32 module made by U-BLOX. This board aims to speed up and simplify the prototyping of WiFi based IoT applications thanks to the flexibility of the ESP32 module and its low power consumption

CTF technical partner is Hack The Box which took take care of CTF organization

Cyber Saiyan

Cyber Saiyan is the non-profit organization that takes care of the organization of RomHack
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